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Haviland gravelless pipe offers homeowners a cost effective and sound alternative to gravel-filled leachfields. A single wall corrugated polyethylene pipe, Haviland gravelless is encased in a strong, lightweight filtration fabric. It is shipped in a protective plastic sleeve, which should remain on the pipe until installation. Check local health department requirements concerning proper use of this product.

Haviland Gravelless Leachfield Installation Guidelines

Size Length (ft) Description Item Number Stock
8" 20 Gravelless Pipe 10030806  
10" 20 Gravelless Pipe 10031006  

Size Description #/Bag Item Number Stock
8x4 Offset End Cap 5 10050831  
10x4 Offset End Cap 5 10051031  
10x4 Offset w/Rubber Grommet 5 10051032  

Specification Test Method 1.50 Non-Woven
Fiber   Polyester
Weight (Oz/yd2) Applied ASTM D-3776 1.5
"Thickness, mils" ASTM D-5199 14.00
"Mullen Burst, p.s.i." ASTM D-3786 76
Grab Strength ASTM D-4632 MD    60
    XD     50
Elongation ASTM D-4632 MD     90
    XD     86
Trapeziod Tear ASTM D-4533 MD     31.0
    XD        25
Puncture Strength ASTM D-4833 14.7
Water Permeability ASTM D-4491 4.12
by Permittivity s(-1)    
Water Flow Rate ASTM D-4491 575
2" C.H gpm/s.f    
"AOS, US sieve" ASTM D-4751 20
"AOS, (UM)" ASTM D-4751 840
Melt Point   425 Degrees F
Air Permability (Fraiser)   751
Fiber Size   6-Denier
Specific Gravity   1.29-1.40

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