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About Haviland Drainage

At Haviland, we combine quality drainage products and superior service to create an exceptional customer experience. For nearly 60 years, we’ve remained focused on continually improving the value we bring to our customers, our employees, our community, and our stockholders. We continue to lead the industry forward as we develop innovative products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.


At the Haviland Companies, we will provide high quality products and services through business practices that are honest, ethical, and focused on continually improving the value


Manufacturing is a team sport. Teamwork is a prerequisite for our reputation and success. We are in the business to help our employees achieve their potential.


Haviland Clay Works was started in 1903 by A.J. Rust. At that time it employed about 25 area residents and manufactured only clay tile.


Here at Haviland, agricultural drainage is where it all started. In 1903, we began making clay tile to be shipped to drainage projects on local farms. Then, in 1978, we were among the first to manufacture plastic drainage tubing. Today, we manufacture a complete line of plastic tubing, pipe, and fittings from 2” diameter to 60” diameter.


Haviland’s corrugated polyethylene tubing is available in various perforation patterns - offering maximum drainage in a variety of soil types.


Haviland’s corrugated polyethylene tubing is available in a variety of lengths and perforation patterns.

Commercial & Residential

Haviland is your one-stop-shop for commercial and residential drainage tubing, pipe, fittings, and supplies. From corrugated tubing to dual wall pipe to tri-wall pipe and from sump liners to elbows to downspout adaptors, we’ve got you covered.


If terms like H20 loading, compacted backfill, and AASHTO M294 are common in your vocabulary, we speak your language. Haviland Drainage offers heavy duty corrugated tubing and Smooth Flow pipe engineered specifically for DOT applications.

Smooth Flow

Haviland’s corrugated polyethylene pipe with a smooth interior is ideal for applications where high strength and maximum flow are essential.