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Job Title: Coiler


The coiler is responsible for ensuring that products are coiled, perforated and packaged to the highest quality standards possible.  The coiler performs their duties as if they are the owner of the company and makes safety, quality and production the top 3 areas of focus, in the order listed.


  1. Attend the daily stretch and bend meeting with the entire shift.
  2. Assure that all company Safety Program Policies are being followed at all times.
  3. Educate yourself on the processes and ask questions if you do not understand.
  4. Ensure the products you are packaging are made to the highest quality standards possible, report any product or machine issues to your operator or Supervisor Immediately.
  5. If repairs are not corrected in a timely manner, report issues to your supervisor.
  6. Do not put out any questionable product without clearing it with your supervisor or QC.
  7. Assist in the training of new personnel
  8. Ensure all products from your machine are coiled, tied properly and perforations are present and the correct size
  9. Fill out all necessary paperwork/production cards (Weights and product type) completely
  10. Assist operators in the cleaning of machines, machine repairs or changeovers as needed by supervisor
  11. Work with machine operators to repair or grind any bad product as needed
  12. Assist other production lines and employees as needed.
  13. Maintain a clean and safe work area.
  14. Perform other related duties as assigned.
  15. The responsibilities listed are not inclusive. These items might be changed, items added or deleted depending on the needs of the company at that time.


  1. Self-motivated person that does not need a lot of supervision
  2. Good people skill
  3. Dependable and team oriented
  4. Able to learn new skills


  1. Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  2. Preferred, 1 – 3 years in manufacturing