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Plastic Pipe Product

Haviland’s flexible dual-wall pipe, SmoothFlex, is changing the market and how you install agricultural mains. Extra crew members, equipment, and trench boxes are no longer needed. Installation time is cut in half! All while offering the same drainage rates as our Smooth Flow sticks.

Smooth Flow pipe is a corrugated polyethylene pipe with a smooth interior. This combination provides a lightweight, durable product for storm sewers, culverts, and many other applications where high strength and maximum flow are essential.

Haviland’s heavy duty pipe and tubing have the strength, flexibility, and endurance to fulfill most job requirements. Made of high-density polyethylene plastic, our tubing meets or exceeds ASTM F 405 and ASTM F 667 standards.

Tri-Wall pipe is a three-layered high-density polyethylene sewer and drain pipe. With a welded bell for a consistent fit, the product is truly revolutionary. It provides better impact resistance, added strength and is easier to handle than conventional sewer drain pipe.

Haviland constructs annular riveted corrugated metal pipe. This pipe is available in 2′ increments, in gauges 16 through 8. Typical uses are: as culverts and conduits, for bridge work, and storm sewers. Metal pipe is ideal for applications where there are limited headroom conditions.